3 Iconic High School Movies To Make You Say "Been There" 🇺🇸

High school Days? Whether you're pumped to go back or wouldn't dare to step foot again, there's something uniquely relatable about iconic high school movies. They bring us face to face with our past selves, flaws and all.

3 Iconic High School Movies To Make You Say "Been There" 🇺🇸

Check out 3 flicks that'll hit home:

Explore these films and consider the personal growth they highlight:

Do Revenge (2022)
Queen bee Drea Torres (Camila Mendes) teams up with outcast Eleanor (Maya Hawke) for a wild revenge adventure after a leaked video messes up Drea's plans. Think makeover magic, drama, and unexpected friendships.

Eighth Grade (2018)
Not your typical high school movie, but it taps into those pre-high school feels. Join Kayla (Elsie Fisher) in her final week of middle school, as she faces the excitement and jitters of stepping into the unknown.

Pretty in Pink (1986)
A classic that never gets old! Molly Ringwald shines as Andie, an outsider navigating high school love's twists and turns. The clash of worlds, the ups, and the downs – it's a trip down memory lane.

[Self-Discovery]: "Pretty in Pink (1986)" portrays Andie's journey of navigating high school love and her own identity, reflecting the process of understanding oneself and learning from experiences.

[Embracing Change]: "Eighth Grade (2018)" takes you through the significant period of change when transitioning from middle school to high school. It reflects the growth that comes with navigating new environments and challenges, just like your own journey.

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