Our Dance Journey: A Fratelli Gargarelli Docufilm 🇮🇹

Step into the enchanting world of Brindisi, Italy, through the art of dance. Fratelli Gargarelli, renowned dance siblings, are set to unveil an enthralling dance documentary project.

Our Dance Journey: A Fratelli Gargarelli Docufilm 🇮🇹

Our Dance Journey - A documentary Film 🇮🇹


Join us in bringing this exceptional project to life. 

Your support will play a vital role in creating this immersive docufilm and sharing the magic of Brindisi with the world. Be part of this extraordinary cultural exploration and help us make this project a reality! This upcoming film promises to reveal the beauty and culture of Brindisi while showcasing the remarkable talents of Fratelli Gargarelli.

We are from Brindisi, Italy and are here to guide, inspire, and teach the world.

Starting off impressing judges on Italian talent shows, the trio has evolved into TikTok superstars, drawing fans in with their high-octane swing and hip-hop routines. The secret to their viral success? A unique blend of traditional swing, inventive hip-hop, and unbeatable sibling synergy.


Christian (24), Marcello (19), and Stefano (13) are not just here to entertain; they're here to empower. Learn their killer moves, feel their infectious energy, and find your own rhythm.

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